The Laurel Living Archive is a special website archive produced in conjunction with the collections interventions exhibition HOME//WORK by Kristen Tordella-Williams at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel, MS in 2021. It features submissions from our community of imagery, text, and video that explain how our home and work lives collide and what our experiences have been during the pandemic. Each person who interacts with this exhibition has an opportunity to see themselves included in the museum’s collection and archive while we continue to live through this historic moment. Please consider submitting images, text, and video of how your lives have changed during 2020 and 2021 by visiting the Contribute page. Your submissions will be part of a community archive of our current moment.

This website was created by Ferozi Technologies (a tech company based in York, Ontario Canada) under the guidance of Kristen Tordella-Williams in order to host an archive of content of how much the pandemic has impacted our daily lives such as the areas that we created in our homes for distant learning and working or socializing.